[OJS version] Journal description does not appear on homepage

Based on the indexJournal.tpl: [https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/templates/frontend/pages/indexJournal.tpl]

It looks like the journal description should appear on the homepage of the journal. The description does not appear on the homepage, even though I have text in the journal description.

I’m using the Default theme. OJS version

Hi @Janet_Swatscheno,

Information inputted on the About the Journal (Setting>Journal > Masthead Setting) will appear in the About the Journal section (typically within the navigation menu) of your journal.

If you would like information to appear in your journal homepage, you will need to add it to the Additional Content (Setting >Website>Apperance).

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Patricia,

Can you explain what this part of the homepage template does:

{* Journal Description *}
	{if $activeTheme->getOption('showDescriptionInJournalIndex')}
		<div id="homepageAbout" class="homepage_about">
			<h2>{translate key="about.aboutContext"}</h2>

I’m not looking to put the journal description in the Additional Content. There is already additional content in the Additional Content section.

Hi @Janet_Swatscheno,

It looks like you are using a checkout of the master branch, because the code you posted is not yet available in any of the releases. It will go out with v3.2 early in the new year.

That code supports one of the theme options for the default theme. If you are using the default theme, you can go to Settings > Website > Appearance > Theme and you should find a theme option checkbox for Journal Description that says:

[ ] Show the journal description on the homepage.

Check that box and save the settings. You should then see the Journal Summary appear on the homepage. If it doesn’t, you may need to fill it out by going to Settings > Journal.

(Note that this is the short Journal Summary, not the full About the Journal section. I’ve seen the discrepancy in language here and we’ll update the theme option to use the phrase “journal summary”.)

So you’re saying when the new release comes out, there will be an option to display the journal summary on the homepage using the default theme?

(I never thought it would display the full About Journal section. I just used the terminology from the code itself)


Yes, that’s correct!

It is the appearance theme. The deafault does not show you the description of the journal on the homepage

@Janet_Swatscheno, you can also consider customising the navigation menu to allow you display the Journal description on the homepage.

Can you explain what you mean? I don’t just want a link to the journal summary, I want to display the journal summary in full.

Yes it’s possible to display the Journal information on the homepage. Just reorganise the navigation menu. What the url to your Journal website?

@Janet_Swatscheno, go to journal administration, then website, then to navigation menu, then click on the drop down button under the primary menu, then click edit. On the right side, you will see unselected menu, drag the Journal description or about the journal to the left. From there, click save and it will appear on the Journal homepage. I tried it with my Journal and it worked well.

@royallite Our OJS 3 instance isn’t live yet so I can’t share it with you but I attached a screenshot (excuse the funny name, it’s a test journal). Doing what you described does exactly what I thought-- it only creates a link to the About the Journal section in the navigation menu. Again, I want the short journal summary to display in full on the homepage.

It’s ok though, according to NateWr, it will be an option in the next release.jhsscreenshot

@Janet_Swatscheno, I can see you have tried. Go back to where you dragged the menu and make “About the Journal” the first menu at the top. It will appear on the journal homepage. If it comes as a link, then we can as well edit the link so that the link is turned into words. I will show you more about it using screenshot.