OJS version Cannot summit article

Hi guys …i need help. My OJS version , when an author submit the article, the page submission metadata not save (continous loading) and can’t proceed to the next step. Just loading until 100% (not complete).
What should i do? Thanks U.


Hi @Yandri_Irawan,

Are you able to upload other files in the system, such as a logo under Settings > Website > Appearance or a file to an existing submission?

If not, there may be a general configuration issue with file uploads on your server. I’d encourage you to contact your web host or other technical support you have to look at your server error logs. You may be able to find a hint in the server error logs.

The other thing you might ask the technical support to investigate is the request response in the browser when uploading a file. That might give some hints as to the source of the problem.

hi @NateWr i am already check at server hosting and no problem with setting. when i upload article the progress stuck at 100%, cannot continue to next step. no response at web page. But i can upload some logo at appereance…

What about an existing submission? Can you go to an existing submission and create a file?

You will need to ask your server hosts to help you inspect the logs for error messages.