[OJS] Usage stats is not working

Hello guys :smile:

I was trying to get statistic data on views and downloads for my journals, it’s currently running v2.4.4.1

I found that the usage stats is not working. There are 5 folders in usageStats:

  1. archive - there are many past log files dated back last year, which means it’s not been getting data for 1 year.
  2. processing - this folder is empty
  3. reject - this folder is empty
  4. stage - this folder is empty
  5. usageEventLogs - this folder is active, contains all the past log files, even today.

I have tried to troubleshoot the issues according to this post written by @beghelli

It shouldn’t be anything wrong with base_url and file permission, what else could the problem be?
The log files are active and growing in usageEventLogs while archive has stopped working.

Any help is appreciated.

Processing the Usage Event Logs depends on either the acron plugin, or a cron running regularly. From your description, it sounds like neither of these is happening.

Before you start the processing of these logs by enabling acron or cron, I recommend considering an upgrade to the latest 2.4.8 version. There have been a number of bugs fixed recently in the Usage Statistics collection.