OJS upgrade - partial upgrades is better?

I’ve been sarching some issues regarding OJS upgrade, like from version 2.4.8 to 3.1.2
and found some people sayng they did partial upgrades befor getting to the lattest one.

Like in this post, where @oberdan upgraded OJS from 2.4.8 to 3.0, and then to 3.1

Does it make any sense?

Hello @ronniebrito,

Some time ago, when I first tried to upgrade to 3.1.2 it was necessary to go from 2.4.7 do 3.0 and then to 3.1.2. Our OJS is old and we had a server crash years ago so there were missing files and several records with empty date filelds, things that version 3 and above did not allow. It took me some time fixing all the problems before I was finally able to upgrade from 2.4.7 to 3.1.2 in one step.



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Our official recommendation is to upgrade directly from OJS 2.4.x to the latest OJS 3.x.

Many fixes have been applied to the upgrade process since the early releases of OJS 3.0, and even 3.1.0.

Upgrading to an “intermediate” version may actually introduce some of these errors which have since been resolved.

As @Oberdan notes, it may involve data cleanup in the original OJS 2.4.x install to perform a successful upgrade. The best practice is to perform a trial run on a copy of the 2.4.x install directly to the latest 3.x version. If the upgrade fails, perform any needed cleanup in 2.4.x, and then retry. Once a successful trial run has finished, perform the same on your production server.

thanks @ctgraham and @Oberdan

I agree this is the best approach, but some noise in user’s community led me to ask you this

better keep things clear!