OJS upgrade: incomplete locale, no option for installing other languages


I’m testing an upgrade of an existing journal from OJS- to OJS-3.1.1-4. At first sight, upgrading seems to work in general, though there seems to be a problem with the languages/locales. The 2.4.8 version probably only had Dutch selected. After the upgrade, the journal interface is in Dutch, but:

  1. The locale seems to be very incomplete (lots of missing labels, even though I can find some of those labels in the locale XML files, so for some reason they’re not being found)
  2. The “languages” tab of the website settings only lists 1 language (Dutch), without any possibility to change to or install another language (see screenshot)


What could be wrong, and how can this be fixed? I mean, how can I at least add English (or another language) after installation, when I don’t find any options to do so in the web interface?

Kind regards,


Hi @rvdb,

Looks like Duch is very incomplete, yes. You are looking at the right point to add a new language, but you have to be a site administrator to do that. Looks like you are a journal manager only. If you are an admin, then you get button install locale:


Regards, Primož

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Ah, I wasn’t even aware of the difference between manager and administrator. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ve made myself administrator using the instructions in another forum thread (Changing a site administrator - #6 by asmecher), and that enabled me to at least install English.

So, many thanks for your help, that fixed my initial problem! Now on to checking how Dutch can be improved!

Hi @rvdb,

For the Duch localisation you can use the Translator plugin that is in OJS 3 improved and much better by my opinion.

Regards, Primož

Thank you!
It really helped!

Many thanks for your suggestion, @primozs! I finally managed to get the plugin working, would be great if we could contribute back our additions to OJS (I’ll check the guidelines at PKP Translating Guide).