OJS upgrade: incomplete locale, no option for installing other languages




I’m testing an upgrade of an existing journal from OJS- to OJS-3.1.1-4. At first sight, upgrading seems to work in general, though there seems to be a problem with the languages/locales. The 2.4.8 version probably only had Dutch selected. After the upgrade, the journal interface is in Dutch, but:

  1. The locale seems to be very incomplete (lots of missing labels, even though I can find some of those labels in the locale XML files, so for some reason they’re not being found)
  2. The “languages” tab of the website settings only lists 1 language (Dutch), without any possibility to change to or install another language (see screenshot)

What could be wrong, and how can this be fixed? I mean, how can I at least add English (or another language) after installation, when I don’t find any options to do so in the web interface?

Kind regards,



Hi @rvdb,

Looks like Duch is very incomplete, yes. You are looking at the right point to add a new language, but you have to be a site administrator to do that. Looks like you are a journal manager only. If you are an admin, then you get button install locale:


Regards, Primož


Ah, I wasn’t even aware of the difference between manager and administrator. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ve made myself administrator using the instructions in another forum thread (Changing a site administrator), and that enabled me to at least install English.

So, many thanks for your help, that fixed my initial problem! Now on to checking how Dutch can be improved!


Hi @rvdb,

For the Duch localisation you can use the Translator plugin that is in OJS 3 improved and much better by my opinion.

Regards, Primož


Thank you!
It really helped!


Many thanks for your suggestion, @primozs! I finally managed to get the plugin working, would be great if we could contribute back our additions to OJS (I’ll check the guidelines at https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/translating-guide/en/).