OJS: Themes in OJS 3.0


We are going to change some themes for our journals. And the question is whether the upcoming OJS 3.0 will handle themes much differently than 2.*? Would we be able to convert our themes easily, or should we rather wait for the 3.0 before doing the redesign?

Thank you!


You should definitely wait. We’ll be showing off OJS 3 beta in August, and that will give you a chance to see the changes and the implications it will have for your theming.

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Thank you! But does it mean our old custom themes will not be compatible with OJS 3.0? If so, will we be able to convert them in some way?

Hi @Ph_We,

OJS 3.0 is a fairly complete rewrite, so your themes will need to be rewritten for that release. We did not preserve backward compatibility because the old styles had grown very brittle and difficult to work with; I hope you’ll find working with design in the OJS 3.0 environment will be much more inviting.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks for keeping us updated.