OJS themes for OJS

We recently upgrade our installation to OJS version (we come off the old OJS
Until now, we had use “defaultManuscript theme”, modified in several parts.
Now we warn that the “default manuscript” theme is not supported for the newest version of OJS.
Can we keep the changes or apply our customized manuscript theme in this OJS version? Any idea?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for my basic english.

Hi @laaimar,

The default manuscript theme has been tested with OJS 3.3.0-8. Whether or not your customizations work may depend on what the customizations are, so I can’t say for certain. Have you tried using the theme with your customizations? Do you see any errors?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis.

Thanks for the quick reply. If I do a clean install of the “DefaultManuscript”, the site works.
But when I replace the default .less style files with the ones we modified for the previous install, they don’t work.

Then, we had made modifications to the “.tpl” files that we saved into the theme folder (without modifying the originals files of the installation), to replace the common files in, for example, “lib / pkp / templates / frontend / …” folder. That’s change worked perfectly in the previous version, but they do not work in the current one.

I think that the “structure” of the “.tpl” files has changed, so the old CSS / LESS files no longer work, and the changes that we had made in the .tpl files for the theme make crashed the site when trying to replace the current ones .
Identifying what is failing is practically reissuing the entire theme.

Luckily we did the update on a test server, so luckily the production site had no problems.

Thanks again. Lucas.