OJS Statistics - Reviewer report

Hi, In our journal, we are trying to assess the institutional diversity of our reviewers, could we get this information through OJS statistics?

I have downloaded and tweaked around OJS Statistics for some time. When I download the “Reviewer Report”, there’s not a column available with the institution where that reviewer is based. Would there be a way to generate this column using the “Custom report” that I haven’t found? Or would it be possible for the Reviewer report to include this column as a default?

I could imagine this analysis of reviewers could be useful to many other journal besides us. Thanks so much!

Cristina Moreno Lozano
Managing Editor
Medicine Anthropology Theory


Hi @MATeditors,

I see that your OJS instance is running version 3.1 - this version is quite out of date and no longer supported. I would recommend upgrading to a more updated version as I just tested this on version 3.3 - I downloaded the Reviews report and it did include the “affiliation” field for reviewers, so it’s possible that statistics could be obtained that way.

PKP Team

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Can you send me the template of your website, I have OJS but your template is more attractive izharali48@gmail.com https://www.jspae.com/index.php/jspae

Hi Cristina

I am operating a OJS version and the Reviewer Report shows affiliations. Did you entered the reviewers’s affiliation in their users profil?