Ojs settings -> distribution -> license does not work in OJS

Our OJS have always the same license in our OJS issues articles:

The license remains the same whatever change we do in settings


We want to change the license by our own but the settings → distribution → license panel does not seem to work, nothing change

We want to put this other license:

As far as I know, the changes you make here will apply to the next articles.

Thank you kerimsarigul. That is it mean that you can not change license article once you publish an articles? Then it is not possible to make an error.
Anyway it seems it is not the case, the change does not work for the new articles either and affect many different magazines as far I can see.

Whichever license you choose from the distribution settings, that license is added to the published articles.

image in the database.

If changes are essential to old articles, they can be edited from the database (publication_settings).

Another Method
Unpublishing and republishing the article is also an option. In the meantime, it is necessary to delete the previous version link.
I’ve tried. The change I made was reflected in the article. The version I am using is

OK. Your solution works!! Thank you so much Kerim Sarigul.

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