OJS Removing file extension on uploaded images

Hi! When I upload a logo to OJS, the file extension (.png) is removed and it doesn’t display properly, but it uploads to my server correctly. It also removes the file extension in the HTML code when I press ctrl + u in Chrome. Is this an issue with OJS or should I look into my PHP or SQL settings? I am using OJS, IIS 10, mySQL 8.0.19, and PHP 7.2.26 on windows server 2016. I am hosting it at https://journal.ha.rsngar.ca/

Hi @hrsngrca,

It might be helpful to check your PHP log to see if it is an issue with your final permission. As well, are you getting any system error messages when you’re uploading the image file?

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Patricia M.
PKP|PS Support Team

Hi @hrsngrca,

I was unable to reproduce this myself, but I’m not running IIS locally. Can you share the URL that appears in the HTML code on your homepage when you upload the logo? This is the `https://…" bit that points to the logo.

The png/jpg is able to upload successfully, but for some reason the filename extension is removed and the URL for the picture points (also to the picture name without the extension) here: https://journal.ha.rsngar.ca/public/journals/1/pageHeaderLogoImage_en_US

Not getting any errors in chrome when I upload the image but I’ll check my logs

I get the following error in PHP 7.2.26:

[29-Apr-2020 17:37:09 America/New_York] PHP Warning: file_put_contents(C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ojs\cache\fc-pluginSettings-1-defaultthemeplugin.php): failed to open stream: Resource temporarily unavailable in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ojs\lib\pkp\classes\cache\FileCache.inc.php on line 90

Hi @hrsngrca,

I’d suggest following this thread, where there’s a similar error message being discussed/debugged…

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team