OJS Plugin: Statistic Charts (2.4.3 to 2.4.8-1)

Plugin statistics charts for OJS (2.4.3 to 2.4.8-1).

This plugin show graphically the statistics obtained by OJS.

This plugin is the updated version of the old plugin, published on 2013 (for OJS 2.3.7) in the old forum of PKP.

Download from github: https://github.com/franmanez/statistics


Thank you @franms for sharing this plugin.
It is nice looking and useful. However, some fields in our journal’s report are blank; including “Articles(Download)” , “Articles(view)” , “Issues” and “Countries” . Please check the attached photo.
am I missing something?
what should I do for these items to be displayed?
We are on OJS 2.4.6



Hi @franms

I am interested on your plugin. But I am a brazilian portuguese speaker, if I translate it to my language may I upload it to GitHub project? Just to sync always with last version and updates.


Hi @alirezaaa,

The "Monthly " and “Last years” … It’s working fine?
It’s strange because the plugin reads the table ‘METRICS’.
Can you check this table (METRICS)? For example, the ‘assoc_type’ field can have different values:
256 - view Home page
257 - view abstract (article)
259 - view table contents of journal
260 - download (article)

That I see the graph of countries is working fine (11 type ‘other’ ). Can you check that the geolocation statistics is working fine in your OJS? Check also the geolocation fields (country_id, region, city). Are they Informed?

In the aplication, you get a javascript error?

For more information about PKP Statistics Framework, can you visit this site: https://pkp.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php?title=PKP_Statistics_Framework

If the problem persists, can you contact me via mail.

Hi @israel.cefrin,

If you agree, can you translate the files and send them to me.
I will add the files to the github project.

Thank you very much for your colaboration.

Hi @alirezaaa,

Error Found !! I’m working to fix it.

Thank you for detect this bug.

Bug fixed.
Code updated in github.

Sure @franms.
Do I send to your @gmail.com or @upc.edu ?

Both email addresses are correct … you choose :slight_smile:
gmail for example…

Consider it done. :+1:

Thank you @franms,
It is working.

Hi @franms:

In Countries…

Downloads is OK

But Article Abstract Page Views is not

Any suggestion?


Hi @lopez.casique,

The problem might be in the geolocation…
Can you check that the geolocation statistics is working fine in your OJS? Check the geolocation fields (country_id, region, city) in the ‘METRICS’ table. Are they Informed?
How you can view, appears 117 ‘abstract view’ with type ‘Others’.
If the problem persists, can you contact me via mail (view my github).

Hi @franms:

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the METRICS table has information:

What does mean ‘Others’?, Is a unknow code country? It’ll be a log problem?

Just to show the plugin on track.

I´ve put it on a suspended journal and it is all fine:


Tks once more @franms



Como puedo visualizar el plugin Statistic Charts?
Hola, he instalado exitosamente el plugin Statistic Charts pero no sé cómo visualizarlo.

As I can visualize the Statistic Charts plugin?
Hello, I have successfully installed the plugin Charts Statistic but do not know how to display it.
Thank you

Hi @armandolb,

When you activate the plugin from “Home > User > Journal Management > Plugin Management > Generic Plugins” , the menu item will be shown on top (STATISTICS)

If the problem persists, can you contact me via mail (view my github), and send me the OJS URL.

I have the same problem, no chart or abstrtact , issues , etc. , as fixed ?

tengo OJS en postgresql y para que funcione tuve que hacer los siguientes cambios, gracias framms
En StatisticsChartsDAO.inc.php cambie lo siguiente:
En la linea 'AND aset.setting_name = “title” '. cambie por 'AND aset.setting_name = ‘title’ '.
En la linea 'AND iset.setting_name = “title” '. cambie por 'AND iset.setting_name = ‘title’ '.
En la linea 'GROUP BY m.assoc_id, agregue aset.setting_value
En la linea 'GROUP BY m.issue_id, agregue i.volume,i.number,i.year,iset.setting_value

OJS in postgresql have to work and I had to make the following changes, thanks framms
In StatisticsChartsDAO.inc.php change the following:
In the line ‘AND aset.setting_name = “title”’. changed to 'AND aset.setting_name = ‘title’ '.
In the line ‘AND iset.setting_name = “title”’. changed to 'AND iset.setting_name = ‘title’ '.
On line 'GROUP BY m.assoc_id, add aset.setting_value
On line 'GROUP BY m.issue_id, add i.volume, i.number, i.year, iset.setting_value

Many thanks for the plugin!

After installation on OJS 2.4.3 it works well. All statistics displayed…

except countries… I have only “others” there.

Likely i have problems with database.

All fields: country_id ; region ; city are NULL

please help to solve the problem!