OJS plugin for WordPress


We want to work on the “web design” of the OJS for our journal. We want it to be more friendly and dinamyc for our readers and I found some information about a plugin that can be used or adapted to a Wordpress page, but I still dont understand its function.
Are there journals that uses this specific plugin with/for Wordpress? Can I have a link?

Also, I´d like to know what other options can we have to improve the view of our journal more than the basic templates that OJS gives? Is it necesary to change the code of system? We have OJS 2.4.6.

Thanks for the information

Best Regards

Ma. Yunuen

If you post a link to the Wordpress plugin, we might be able to better advise on that.

For improving the theming of OJS in general, a lot of work on this front is being done in OJS 3.x right now. For OJS 2.x, there are quite a few recent discussions: