OJS/PKP on hotmail block list?

If i send email to a hotmail.com from my email account, there is no issue. But if i send email via the OJS/PKP system by using the same email address, i get the following:
Unfortunately, messages weren't sent. Please contact your Internet service provider since part of their network is on our block list (S3140)
what could be the issue here?

Hi @J_M

It’s not OJS specifically, but probably the way you have OJS configured. Unless you turn on force_envelope_sender, default_envelope_sender and the two dmarc options in your config.inc.php file, OJS will send email as the person logged into OJS. It will put your email address on the From: line. Because the server hosting OJS is probably not allowed to send email on behalf of the domain of that email address (i.e. the server IP is not in the domain’s SPF record), hotmail will consider it spam.

Your best option is to turn on the envelope and dmarc options and then add your server’s IP to the SPF record for the domain you set in the default_envelope_sender field.


thank you Jason, i will give it a try

Hi Jason,

We did as you suggested, the same problem is still there. Any other idea?

All the best