Ojs pkp 3.4 lts

Hello everyone and thanks for the time you dedicate to me.
my question is mainly aimed at administrators, moderators and developers.
I wanted to know if it is planned for version 3.4 to move to LTS, i.e. with long-term support, like version 3.3.

I ask you this because I have two jobs that have already moved from version 3.3 to version 3.4, while I have a third, which is managed by an external company, which refuses to move to version 3.4, reaching at most 3.3, because it considers 3.4 still experimental and not suitable for production installations.

I repeat that I have instead brought two production installations to version 3.4.0-4 many months ago, and everything works without problems.

Thank you for the information you give me and any clarifications.

Hi @simgiallorosso,

Only certain major releases of OJS/PKP software are designated as long term releases. 3.4 is not an LTS version. The release schedule that we use for LTS can be found here: https://pkp.sfu.ca/2022/02/15/pkp-announces-long-term-support-lts-software-releases/

3.5 will build on 3.4 and include new features (as well as bug fixes/improvements, etc.), so will be similar in some respects, but will be it’s own distinct release.

The next version of OJS that is slated for an LTS designation is version 3.5. If you want to see what is planned for OJS 3.5, we recently did a webinar here: https://youtu.be/SCWfnB-Xz-g?si=dayKBL3U5ZwZsK_Q

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you require additional information/clarifaction.

PKP Team

you were very clear.
just one more question.
was version 3.2 lts?

Hi @simgiallorosso,

No - it wasn’t. LTS releases only started with 3.3.

PKP Team

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