OJS news ticker plugin

Hi, I have been all over the Internet looking for a plugin to display latest news in the form of a ticket on the OJS website right below the header. I unfortunately couldn’t find any plugins. I run into several Wordpress news ticker plugins. Can someone please direct me to any such plugin available in the OJS community? Alternatively how likely is it that a Wordpress plugin can work when installed into OJS?

Hi @SelasePKP,

Are you looking to present something that includes an RSS feed? You might consider this plugin:

I’m not sure whether it’s working with the current release of OJS, but perhaps @mfelczak knows.

Wordpress plugins definitely will not work in OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @SelasePKP,

You can enable the ‘External Feeds’ plugin under Journal Management => System Plugins => Generic Plugins.

You should then be able to display the contents of RSS feeds on your journal homepage and/or sidebar blocks.

It should be included in the default set of plugins with recent releases of OJS (no additional installation required).


Hi @asmecher and @mfelczak,

Thanks very much for your input I actually achieved this with a custom plugin and it works great. External Feeds plugin didnt quite work well for me as they redirected the user to an external site. I just needed short anouncements to be displayed like you see on cnn with the news tickers.

Thanks for the help. I gave me some direction to get this through.