OJS mysql slow/uses all resources

Dear all,

we are using OJS (upgraded to that version from about a year ago) and the mysql is constantly using way too many resources so the performance is very bad.

Searching this forum I found only two similar items (Mysql slow after upgrade to OJS and Working with large metrics tables - #3 by retostauffer), but that is not my case (all tables are innodb and the suggested key is available in the table).
The mytop tool shows that constantly several following SQLs are running:

SELECT submission_id, month, SUM(metric) AS metric FROM metrics WHERE context_id = 1 AND assoc_type = 1048585 AND month = '202301' AND metric_type = 'ojs::counter' GROUP BY submission_i....

Any idea how to investigate/solve the issue?

Regards, Primož

Do you use this plugin or a similar one?

If so, you can try disabling it to see if that fixes it.

Also, see if this issue affects you:

Hi @abadan,

Yes, we are/have been using the mostRead plugin. Disabling it looks like solving the issue. We’ll keep observing it. Thank you very much for the hint!

Regards, Primož

Hi @abadan ,

I can now confirm that disabling the mostRead plugin was the solution, thank you once more.

Regards, Primož

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