OJS login credentials?

is there a way to use the OJS login credentials from an external program? I would like to develop some services for our authors and would like to allow them to login with their OJS user and password. What I have in mind is similat to “Login via Facebook”, “Login via Google”, that is offered by this community.

Hi @gunthermaier,

What you’re looking for is OAuth-type integration. We don’t have anything released but there are community members working on it – @ctgraham may be able to add more.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Actually, what is described here is OJS functioning as an OpenID provider. This is something we haven’t considered to this point.

Instead of this route, I would recommend linking both systems (OJS and your third-party programs) to common, existing OpenID providers, such as Facebook and Google. @gunthermaier, would this approach be possible?