OJS: log-in problem after upgrade from 2.4.8-1 to 3.0

Hi @asmecher ;

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I follow this instructions [After Upgrading OJS 2.4.5 to 2.4.8 can't login the administrator account? - #7 by asmecher] (upgrading-ojs-2-4-5-to-2-4-8-cant-login-the-administrator-account
7)since i upgraded to 2.4.8.

But when I’m trying to OJS 3.0 the login user and password can’t login.


Hi @Darryl_Nuyda,

Did the upgrade process confirm that it had completed successfully?

Check the length of the password column in the users table in MySQL to see how long it is.

Also, make sure you didn’t accidentally change the encryption setting in config.inc.php when you upgraded.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Dear @asmecher,
I did the upgrade from OJS 2.4.8 to OJS 3.0.2 but cannot log in with the old password and also with a new one. From the post I check the password length, encrypting but nothing. A few times click on forgot password and sent demand from new one. After receiving the new password and enter the same, I again cannot login. The password is incorrect. Where is the problem?

Hi @Lazar_Stosic,

What version of PHP are you running?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher
The version of PHP is 5.6.32. Beside my login, nobody can log in. I try with another account bur receives an invalid user name or password.

Dear @asmecher,
I am really confused. Till yesterday I cannot login. Today everything work. Nobady works with database. I have the same problem (errors, mistakes) on other domain, different provider and after 24 hours everything was fine.
You don`t have to write me nothing because now everything work fine.
Thank you anyway.

Hi asmecher;

It’s almost 2 years not to responds your question. Yes the Upgrade completely successful, for now I am encountering another problem. But I create another thread for this.