OJS Installlation I Single Vs. Multiple Installation For Multiple Journals With Independent Domains (DNS)

I went through all the topics in Forum to look for the solution but didn’t find most appropriate to my question.
I am a small publisher planning to start a few journals. Multiple Journals in Single OJS installation is creating some mess. I am not able to customize things properly; like a theme design from the backend. Nor is it easy to integrate Domain name to each journal in One OJS Installation. Also the subdirectory: index.php/nameofjournal is kind of SEO unfriendly and not clean URL.
My question is if it is advisable for me to have individual OJS installation for each journal. I plan to start around 12 journals. Or that shall be a technically bigger challenge. Also I have my doubts if in that case one Crossref and Ithenticate membership will do (As a publisher ) or I will have to to make a separate account for each journal. If the team of reviewers can be merged or shared by some of the journals.
If not please suggest me some clean way to make it possible on one OJS installation. 1. Integrate Domain. 2. Remove Index.php 3. Help to customize each theme or design from the backend (In the c panel I could not find theme or design under the name of the journal. It is only found under common head Theme when I customize I don’t know where the changes apply. I can’t mark the target Journal for changes. )
Also, I have my doubts if I did something wrong with one element, lest it should disturb the whole journals.

Please help and suggest accordingly.
Rameshwar Dutt

Hi @ram.rameo,

Generally OJS is designed to support multiple journals with minimal interaction between them. There is a common user database (i.e. a user can only have one profile even if they are active on several journals), but users can have roles designated independently (i.e. a user can be a Journal Manager on one journal, a Reviewer on another, and have no roles at all in a third).

If you need/want to customize the code for each journal, then I would recommend separate installations. It is not necessary to customize the code to theme each journal separately.

If you decide to manage installations separately, keep in mind the management overhead, i.e. upgrades. It can be quite a lot of work to manage a large collection of OJS installations, especially if there are modifications to each.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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And What about the integration of domain names in a single OJS installation to various OJS journals. And Would I need different Crossref accounts for all journals or a single publisher account will work for all. Also I would appreciate if OJS make some more plugins for Theme, payment and XML and HTML galleys in OJS 3.2 . But this is great work of service that I must appreciate. And PKP is doing a great job.

Hi @ram.rameo,

Hosting each journal at a different domain name is possible (see the base_url[] settings in config.inc.php).

Configuration of CrossRef is performed individually for each journal.

Note that it’s relatively easy to go from a single installation with multiple journals to a set of individual installations (you just clone the installation for each journal, then delete all the other journals in each). However, it’s hard to go from individual installations into a single shared one.

Feel free to post Feature Requests here – we do take note of community interest in prioritizing issues, though we’re a small team with a lot of competing priorities.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi, I have installed OJS in subdomain, and created multiple journals in OJS but, when i am trying to access the admin page, it redirecting to one of the journal and at the same time other journals are landing in login page… I searched all the knowledge bases for trouble shooting… but not working.