OJS installation page error

Hello. I’m on the installation page and after I fill all the gaps I click on the install button and the page just reloads and nothing happens. I dont get any kind of error messages, it just reloads itself. Any tips?

There is another topic where we are discussing what may be an identical issue:

Can you review and see if any of the suggestions there help, or if you have some addition information to provide?

Dear felixdmm,
I had the same problem and you nothing can do without changing provider. I change provider and solve the problem. Technical support from provider and PKP cannot help you. Above mentioned post is mine.
Change the provider.

Hi @felixdmm and @Lazar_Stosic,

We will do our best to help, though there are many server configurations and it can be difficult to debug remotely. Changing the provider may help, but it’s not foregone that this is necessary, and if there is a common host configuration that’s conflicting with OJS it would be useful to debug it and understand it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Alec Smecher,
I am very satisfied with your assistance and from assistance from PKP. If some providers have problem and don`t have system requirements you are not guilty for that. In that case you cannot help.
Till now you and your team solve me all the problems which I had.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Ok! I will look into it. Thanks

I made till the login page. Looks like I manage to solve my issue. But when I try to login mozilla its unable to connet. I’m trying to connet via localhost as a test. Is that a problem? Or could it be my proxy?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @felixdmm,

If you’re getting a specific error message, can you post it here?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team