OJS Installation Error 500


I have tried many times. I am trying to install OJS manually on Cpanel.
After entering all the details correctly.
I get error 500. Please help

Hi a2usmani.
Please indicate the version of OJS. At what stage are you having problems? I have 5 jurnals now, all on Cpanel, maybe I can help you.


I upload OJS Zip file
Extract it.
Installation begins…
I fill out all details i.e. username for admin and db details etc

When I press submit. It gives 500 error page.

• Make the following files and directories (and their contents)
writeable (i.e., by changing the owner or permissions with chown or

 * `config.inc.php` (optional -- if not writable you will be prompted
	 to manually overwrite this file during installation)
 * `public`
 * `cache`
 * `cache/t_cache`
 * `cache/t_config`
 * `cache/t_compile`
 * `cache/_db`

• Create a directory to store uploaded files (submission files, etc.)
and make this directory writeable. It is recommended that this
directory be placed in a non-web-accessible location (or otherwise
protected from direct access, such as via .htaccess rules).

Have you completed all of these points?
Check server requirements.
And don’t forget check PHP Extensions, at PHP Selector in CPanel.

Waiting for your answer.

@Heorhii I did what you said but failed. Please provide any direct way to communicate to you. Instant messaging i.e. fb or something to talk and get help from you. I am stuck and cant do a thing. Please

I am also attempting a cPanel install with OJS I extracted all the folders/files and made the designated folders writeable (but only to users, not the world). I get the OJS installation instructions page which appears normal: http://publications.ascilite.org/index.php/index/install. I then enter data in all the required fields, leaving the defaults in the DB fields but I continue to get the error below over and over after trying different passwords. I don’t think this is a password issue, but that is the error message. Not sure what to try now.

Errors occurred during installation
The administrator username can contain only alphanumeric characters, underscores, and hyphens, and must begin and end with an alphanumeric character.

Hi @andrecolbert! Are you creating the database yourself? If not, try to create it yourself and fill in the database fields according to the created database. Remember to check the default database encoding.


Did it. Actually I was selecting mysql and my system supported only mysqli.
Thanks for the guide and contact. Will be adding you on TG.

@a2usmani nice job, all work now?

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As you suggested, I tried manually creating a MySQL database which is easy in cPanel but I got the same error as before when trying to complete the ojs installation process. I did note that prior to creating the DB, the install page reports [ MySQL ] in brackets and warns that " Database drivers listed in brackets do not appear to have the required PHP extension loaded and installation will likely fail if selected So I deleted my prior DB and tried [ MySQLi ] since it was the only DB option not bracketed. No luck - same password error again.

I think you need to change MySQL->MySQLi. And check php configuration.