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Dear OJS team,
I have a newbie question for you. Please excuse the potential ignorance of the OJS features, as my team just started using a OJS 3.x hosted system. We are sitting on a bunch of papers, which have been previously submitted to us by email. We would like to import them into the editorial workflow of the newly created OJS 3.x journal website and perform the editorial process within the OJS environment. The OJS docs mention only quick import for the case, when the editorial process has already been performed, production has been done outside of the OJS and the print-ready PDFs are to be imported into a new issue. Is there any functionality we might be able to use for the use case described?
Thank you very much and best regards
Niksa Alfirevic (nalf@efst.hr), MJCMI journal (hrcak.srce.hr/management)

Hi @nalf,

There are two main import capabilities that OJS has: 1) Quick Submit, 2) Native XML import, both of them are described in more detail here: Data Import and Export

Quick Submit is probably the most user-friendly, and involves just filling out a form in the web interface about each submission (although, granted, if you had a large number of submissions this would be quite tedious). XML import is more involved, and probably suitable if you have a large amount of content to ingest and have the ability to understand and create XML files that are consistent with the Native XML format.

Both options, however, are intended to bypass the editorial workflow options - that’s the way I’ve seen them used. However, with Quick submit, when uploading you have an option to select “Published” or “Unpublished” - if you select unpublished, it uploads the article as though it was just submitted and then you can run it through the entire editorial workflow of this in OJS. If you were looking to bypass the editorial process, you could just select “published.” I don’t think that the XML import option has this option, so the Quick Submit might best suit your use case.

PKP Team

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Dear Roger,
sorry for cross-posting and thank you very much for your answer - this is exactly what we need.

Thanks once again for responding to this post so quickly !

Best regards

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