OJS Header favicon of index.php change by hacker

Hi all,

I have encountered a problem in our publication website, in past few days our ojs website was hacked by unanimous hacker. and our main website hacked also. so we decided to purchased a security for the website and fixed the issue.

I noticed in the publication/ojs website the favicon.ico is not a PKP/company logo, so i decided to change all files in our hosting, but after I uploaded the new file that favicon is retain as a hacker icon. so, I trace the index.php, header.php and other file but can’t locate the file where is the located.

But, the hacker is a winner, I came back in this forum to please help how can I trace where the file of ojs to trace the codes and put the pkp icon in my ojs website.

please help…

see attached file.


I do not see a favicon in your site. Did you fix this already? What happens if you empty your browser cache and try again?

Hello ajnyga;

the icon of the hacker in my browser is still here even i deleted the favicon to the main installation directory of my ojs. I tried to clear a cache but still remain the icon of the hacker.



Ok, because I do not see it:

Maybe you could try it with another browser, just in case?

If you compare:

  1. http://philair.ph/publication/index.php/index/index

2. http://philair.ph/publication/

I delete the favicon in installation directory but still remained.\

You could try this:

Ok, after 10 minutes of wtf’ing, the easy way to fix it is close to that of lineofbirds

Type in www.yoursite.com/favicon.ico (or www.yoursite.com/apple-touch-icon.png, etc.)
Push enter
Restart Browser (IE, Firefox)