OJS generates too many DOIs

My journal recently joined the DOI world and I generated DOIs for all the back issues. Now I’ve found OJS ( generated DOIs for a whole lot of files that should not have DOIs assigned for them like author rebuttals of reviews. Now that I am doing this an issue at a time it will be easier to check before submitting DOIs but is there something I need to look for to prevent this happening?

Since I did a lot at a time and had to split them into batches and it didn’t do this for every batch, presumably I hit a wrong button somewhere?

What do you have selected in the DOI Plugin settings?
User Home → Journal Manager → System Plugins → Public Id Plugins → DOI Settings

It sounds like you have “Supplementary Files” selected but do not want it to be selected.

It could be that though it is mystery why it didn’t do it with all issues. I will watch closely what happens next time I generate an issue and its DOIs.


Sorry for arriving so late to this.

We experienced a similar issue with same version.

Ony day we found that OJS created a DOI for every article, including older ones and CrossRef started to report issues because those old DOIs were never summited.

Our conclusion is those DOIs were assigned by OJS in the moment somebody clicked in “Reassign DOIs” in the plugin settings at “/manager/plugin/pubIds/DOIPubIdPlugin/settings”.

With some of our journals we are still in the process of “cleaning up” this mess, removing from the DB the DOI assignations or asking for real DOIs.

To avoid it happens again we developed, installed and enabled “adminLocker” plugin.

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