Ojs generate DOI's from now

I am working with ojs 2.4.8, I have enabled the DOI plugin and is working, but I have a problem, a problem that I think it will be common to any existing journal that wanted to work with DOIs from now.

I don’t want to register with DOI all the articles in the system, old ones would never have and I want to start for example from a certain issue and continue from it until now, so, how to only assign DOIs to a part of the actual articles?

I have seen a checkbox called “Exclude this article from assigning it a DOI”, playing with this supposed boolean in the database… can be a good procedure?


You can also exclude all objects currently published in an issue, one issue at a time.

User Home → Editor → Back Issues → (Select Issue) → Issue Data → Exclude Issue Objects.

C.f. [OJS] public identifier plugin auto-assigns DOIs to back-issue content · Issue #569 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub for more conversation on this.

Thanks, seems a reasonable solution!