OJS first screen to login


just I install ojs at my web page, I supersized when I saw my first screen to login, i am sure that it should not be like this, please help me to correct it, I will be very thankful to you,

you may check at http://www.brc.net.pk/ojs/index.php/ijrs


Hi @brc,

It looks like there are numerous files missing from your installation. I recommend installing OJS again. Are you sure the installation process completed the first time?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team

I install many time but problem is same, Yes the processing is showing 100% completed.

I have had the same case. I deleted all files, unapacked again from OJS archive and put them in htdocs. After that I increased script execution time and memory access in php.ini.
After that everything was OK. It seems to me that reporting mechanism of installation is not accurate and user gets message that everything is completed successfully although it is not.

can anyone suggest me what to do?

I can tell you about some mistakes that people often do, as far as I could see, and they have had similar issues.

  1. Please check versions of PHP, MYSQL, Apache. Please do not use PHP below 5.6.32 since at least one library requires PHP 5.6. Anyway, versions of PHP below 5.6 should not be used since they are obsolete and not safe.
  2. Please check that you unpacked properly OJS archive and copy all files in clean and empty folder. if you work in Windows it happens that 7Zip unpacks .gz part and you have to open again and extract .tar part of archive. However, Windows often does not display extensions and people are confused and struggle with that and while being nervous do not copy properly all files.
    Do not copy over existing installation!
  3. Please put in php.ini script execution time much higher than it is needed and allow use of RAM so that script can take its time while it installs OJS.
  4. Please check carefully in config.inc.php that file path and database details are accurate. Installation can end up without your files and in error.log you will see that there are some files that are not copied…
  5. Please set up your browser in a way that it cleans cache, cookies… after each exit. I use one browser for work with OJS, and another for general browsing…
  6. Make backup of your data and database before installation and keep them in folder with clear name i.e. my-journal-before-upgrade so that you have very little chance to confuse files and make mess.
  7. If you install firstly on local machine and upload on server please take care on all paths in config.inc.php and again upload it to one folder such es. myjournaladdress/upgrade and data also in other part and check all paths in config.inc.php and check how it works. After that you can safely replace existing version with taking care that all details in config.inc.php are accurate i.e. database and file path details.

I hope this helps.



I try my best but could not solved my issue, may I ask you to help me to
setup the journal, if may share you my login details?


I’ve also tryed many times to install the OJS journal and I’m not able to do so.
I dont even receive any notification message saying that it was succefully installed.
I’ve installed a package XAMPP with php, my sql, appache last version, and I’ve also copy the folder to the hotdoc but it still not working…

Can you please hep me? I’ve been tryinf for severa weeks