Ojs-files/temp directory with a lot of files

My /ojs-files directory sizes 30Gb and my /ojs-files/temp directory is 13Gb. Is it safe to delete all the files in the temp folder? Half directory is wasted by temp files.

I think that the forms to upload files remove files from here when they are submitted but obviously some thing is not working as expected.

My team uses xml import/export native module. Can this be a bug in this module?

Can I delete all this files with cron for files older? Is it safe?

Thank you.

OJS 3.3.0-13

After some tests, I confirm the problem is with the xml import/export native module.

The file uploaded to be imported (previously exported from other journal) is stored in /ojs-files/temp and when you perform the “import” all the binary embed files are deployed in the temp folder. When the import operation finish the files are NOT deleted.

I believe I can safely delete those files.

@asmecher, is this the expected behavior? Should I open an issue?