OJS Export XML as a conference proceedings


Describe the issue or problem
Im trying to export a XML but can’t change the metadata to a conference proceedings i can’t find any option on OJS website, tried installing conference publisher plugin but it says (The “exec” PHP function has been disabled on your server. Contact your system adminstrator to enable it.)

Steps I took leading up to the issue
For example:

  1. Go to ‘OJS website’
  2. Click on ‘plugins’
  3. Click on ‘plugins gallery’
  4. Scroll down to [Conference publishing plugin]
  5. Click on ‘install’

What application are you using?

Additional information
I see a few ways to fix this, changing all the xml manually but i guess that it wont be an easy way.
fixing the exec php function to install the plugin
or finding some option to change the metadata to conference proceedings.

Thank you for any help.

Hi @FMC_revista,

It’s possible you could do a find-and-replace for the XML, but not being familiar with your particular journal and the XML you’d export, I can’t say for certain. Your best bet may be enabling the exec PHP function, if only temporarily to install this plugin.

PKP team


We developed a plugin at Lepidus that does this and we use it internally. We will put it on github soon and notice on the forum.

Diego Abadan


That would be great, abadan! I am very much interested.

Registering DOIs for conference papers in Crossref via OJS is now possible with this plugin developed by Lepidus:

Best regards,
Diego Abadan

How to register conference DOIs in OJS with the Crossref Conference XML Export Plugin:

Go to the Tools menu > Select Crossref Conference XML Export Plugin

In the Conference Data menu, enter the name of the conference and save.

After entering the name of the conference, go to the Articles menu and do the same process of registering DOIs by selecting the proceedings edition.

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