OJS don't replace the galley postfix in the url


Description of issue

After moving from 2.x to 3.2.1-4, in some journals I’m getting reports from google complaining about 404 pages. Those errors are raised because OJS is only translating partially the “numbered-url”, missing the galley “URL Path”.

Steps you took leading up to the issue

Let me describe with a real example. When you visit a “numbered-URL” like this one:

  1. https://revistes.uab.cat/periferia/article/view/645/434

OJS will notice you have a “URL Path” chunk for the article, so will translate it and will redirect you to this url:


Instead of going to the full path:


As you will notice, the article’s part is perfectly translated, but last postfix (the galley chunk) it’s not.
OJS keeps “/434” instead of going to “/645-pdf-ca”.

Final comments

Even in some cases we got this error because editors published before setting the public_url, the “numbered-url” should still be valid (and used to be in ojs 2.x). Not setting the public_url is a usual practice in journals with a “forthcoming” section, where public_url of the galleys are semantic (include volume, number, whatever…) and are not set until the article is published in a final number.