OJS Crossreff DOI


I hope that you all had a happy new years eve.

We seem to have some problems with our DOI/Crossref integration. We get the response below when we try to export new DOI’s via OJS. If we do it manually there is no problem. We do operate an server. Do you know how we can solve the problem?
Crossref tell us that there is generated a duplicate key.

  • HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
    Content-Type: application/json Vary: Accept Access-Control-Allow-Origin:
  • Access-Control-Allow-Headers: X-Requested-With Content-Length: 270
    Server: http-kit Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2016 11:23:10 GMT X-Rate-Limit-Limit:
    50 X-Rate-Limit-Interval: 1s Connection: close [:status
    :failed][:message-type :entity-parsing-failure]

Hi @thestrup

Hmmm… I do not know what this could be :frowning: Especially if the generated XML is correct and you could register it manually without problems :open_mouth: Hmmm… And I also do not know what does “generated a duplicate key” mean :frowning: Does it happen for all articles? Would it be possible for you to somehow debug it and/or ask what this “generated a duplicate key” mean?