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First, Sorry for my bad english.
previously we had OJS which can be accessed here, some of the articles in it have been indexed by google / google sholar. we will immediately move the same OJS to the new domain, my question is, can all the indexed links move automatically to the new domain? or what we have to do so that the article link can still be accessed on the new domain. the old domain will be deleted. thank you.

Hi @stkip_santupaulus,

No, you have no influence on the google search results. The way you explained there will first be some not working results (deleting old domain) and afterwards after some time new links/results will appear.

What I would suggest is not to delete old domain, instead keep it and just redirect it in the DNS to the new domain. This will assure old links/search results will still work, together with the new domain. Slowly more and more links to the new domain will appear and ‘replace’ old domain results.

Regards, Primož

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@primozs 's suggestion does give you a bit of influence on the google search results.

If you setup the old domain to redirect to the new domain with HTTP 301 responses, the next time Google indexes the old domain it will recognize the permanent move of the old page to the new page.