OJS article view page not loading after upgrade


After a successfully* upgrade from OJS to (running on Linux, PHP 5.4.45) the journal don’t load anymore the articles view page.

I found the following error when enable php to display all errors:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method PublishedArticle::getLicenseURL() in …/ojs/pages/article/ArticleHandler.inc.php on line 547

I’ve checked that line and it is something related to Paper License. I commented the line and loads a blank page with the paper title on browser head and no error is shown.

  • Upgrade was not successfully completing until I comment the line mentioned in this notice:

NOTICE: Undefined index: views (/home/anppomc/public_html/revista/classes/article/ArticleGalleyDAO.inc.php:283)

update: issue view page is loading.

Hi @mendesrocha

Hmmm… This is a little bit strange…
Do you have the function getLicenseURL in your classes/Article.inc.php (s. ojs/Article.inc.php at ojs-2_4_8-1 · pkp/ojs · GitHub)?
Where is the line with index “views” in ArticleGalleyDAO.inc.php – I cannot see it here: ojs/ArticleGalleyDAO.inc.php at ojs-2_4_8-1 · pkp/ojs · GitHub
How did you do the upgrade i.e. how did you get the current code?


Hi bozana!
I am replying concerning the problem Renato mentioned.
I got the package from the official website with wget and ran the command line update after changing installed to “no” in the configuration file.

I don’t have that line in my code? How should I proceed to make sure I have it all?
Unpack and replace the files?

UPDATE: I replaced the content of the file classes/Article.inc.php with the one from the repo (ojs/Article.inc.php at ojs-2_4_8-1 · pkp/ojs · GitHub) and it works now.


there is some of .rej and .orig files after upgrade process in classes/, controllers/ and templates/ subdirectios. Should we worry about them?

Hi @Lucianasilvaoliveira and @mendesrocha

It seems that you have applied some patches and it seems that some of them could not be applied – those .rej and .orig files are therefrom. That would maybe explain how come that you have another Article class than in the release. I think it would be best to get the totally new and clean source codes. Maybe like this: get the OJS 2.4.8 package and unpack it into a new folder. You can then copy your public folder and config.inc.php file to that new folder – I assume your files folder is not in the OJS folder. Finally you can rename the old and the new folder appropriately and double check the files/folder permissions.