OJS API list of publications by issue

Using OJS API, how can I get a list of publications in a specific issue?

Hi @Mohammad_Jaafar_Ali,

What version of OJS are you using? Please include this in your posts.

Here is a previous discussion about retrieving a list of articles in an issue. Does this describe what you are hoping to do? If so, does the information this thread answer your question? If not, please provide a bit more detail about what you are looking to do.

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Hi, @kshuttle
Thank you for your reply. Iā€™m planning to read publications from multiple OJS websites, all using version 3.x. I want to use the REST API not the DAO object and functions mentioned in the topic that you referred to.

Hi @Mohammad_Jaafar_Ali,

You can get a list of all publications in an issue by using the GET /submissions endpoint and specifying the issueIds query parameter (see the OJS 3.3 REST API Usage Guide). The PKP Developer Documentation also includes the REST API documentation for all other 3.x versions of OJS.


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Many thanks @ewhanson, I will try it.