OJS and Counter reports - accuracy


We are running OJS version I would like to know if the accuracy of the JR1 reports as per the Counter plugin has been validated. The statistics received seems extraordinarily high, with one title YTD JR1 showing 17 948 downloads . The same title on JSTOR (and considering that JSTOR links are provided on Google Scholar) comes in at 135 YTD.

Does this seem right?


These counts are drawn from the metrics table in the database, which is the result of processing of the access logs for OJS. In the default configuration, these access logs will be the ones found in your files_dir, under the “usageStats” directory. Logs from the “usageEventLogs” directory are expected to move to the “archive” directory when processed.

I would review the processed logs (from the “archive”) directory for the specific title in question. If you find access which does not seem to be legitimate, or which does not total to the number of downloads the JR1 report is showing, we’ll want to examine this further.