OJS and Citavi / Endnote / Zotero


one of our editors asks if there is a way to add a button “Add metadata to Citavi / Endnote / Zotero”. I know there is the COins-Plugin for Zotero and you can use the Reading tools to export the metadata for Endnote (at least in the of OJS we are currently using). But is there a tool which includes all three of the citation software solutions? Something which is a bit more visible or userfriendly?
It would be enough for us if there is something in development for OJS 3 as we are planning to upgrade in the near future.

Kind regards

Hi @UBWolf,

AFAIK, RIS is still more or less universal format for any such applications. And all three apps you mentioned should read it without (significant) problems. OJS 3 supports exporting to RIS. OJS 2 should support it too.

COiNs plugin is useful for those apps, which may read metadata directly from the pages themselves.

However, I think it might be good if OJS supported those proprietary formats of each app you mentioned.

Hi @Ph_We,

thank you very much! That already helps me a lot.

Kind regards