[OJS] after upgrade to 3.1.1-4, link labels for submission files display wrong author

I’m upgrading a journal from OJS-2.4.8-3 to OJS-3.1.1-4, which seems to work fine without errors.

Yet, in the submission workflow view, I notice how the links to the submission files are labeled wrongly. Instead of the author, my own user ID is listed in the author spot. Yet, the “Author” section on the Submission tab does list the correct author. See this screenshot:


This is the case for all submissions: they all display “rvdbranden” (which is my own OJS ID) as author for the links to the submission files, instead of the user ID’s of the actual authors. As it happens, my user (rvdbranden) is also journal manager and administrator, if that could be significant.

Clearly, these link are labeled incorrectly. How can I check what is going wrong here: a database upgrade problem, or an OJS-3 display issue? Are there any database tables I can check, or how are those link labels being constructed?


Ah, meanwhile I’ve had a closer look at the db, and it seems to be a conversion issue during the upgrade process. In the table submission_file_settings, I notice how the incorrect values have been hard-coded in the setting_value column:


I’ve highlighted the row corresponding to the submission file of my original post, but as you can see, all articles have the incorrect user ID hard-coded in that column. This suggests that those values were incorrectly copied during the upgrade process.

I hope a) this helps in identifying the issue and b) this is the right forum to ask such questions.

Any clues would be most welcome!