OJS 3: XML export Metadata only?

Hello there,

is there an option to export article metadata only to native XML ? The built in option seems to export the complete article including the PDF uuencoded (or something like that…)

Background info: Our library publishes our journal parallel on a non-OJS-Server (don´t ask … it´s politics) and I would like to support the guys there so that they dont have to hack in the metadata separately …
They could, however, import an XML file. So …

Thank you and greetings

Would it be possible for them to use OAI-PMH?

In you journal, see http://yoursite/index.php/yourjournal/oai

edit: also note that OJS 3.1 now has a REST API that you can use to access article data.

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Thank you for that fast answer! I found the OAI and will check that with the library guy.

I did not find, however, the REST API. I am only the journal manager, not the site manager; do I have a way to identify whether we use 3.0 or 3.1 from the ordinary backend?

thanks, cw

You can just go to your journal site and check the source code of that page. The OJS version number should be among the first few lines.

edit: but I am not much help with the API, I have not used or tested it yet.

Good hint - it turns out to be 3.0.2
So the REST API is not an option anyway.
Thank you for your time!

@Jesaiah Sorry for bringing this up after 3 years, but I’m searching for a way to export only the metadata as native XML either. How did you solve your request?


Unfortunately not. Since it is not vital for our journal but only ‘nice to have’ I did not pursue nor push it, anyway.

Best wishes, cw from jrfm.eu

Sad news, but thanks for answering! The OAI API doesn’t provide all informations, we’d like to harvest – I’ve checked that already. Hm. What am I doing now …?

Thanks, Tobias

Sorry, Tobias, I have no idea.
If you have someone at hand who is familiar with PHP and SQL however, you might be able to have him/her make a plugin. The DB structure of OJS is pretty straightforward, and the data is basically accessible - IF you have site admin rights, that is.

That would be my approach if I needed it REALLY badly …

Yes, thanks for your suggestions. I’m evaluating to enhance the Native Import/Export Plugin with a special export option (basically: leave out the export of supplementary_file, submission_file, artwork_file, article_galley, covers). But as far as I can see, it’s far more complicated, as I’d suggested. I’ll see where I can get with it …

Thank you Jesaiah for your kind input!