[OJS 3.X] Why the communication of editorial workflow is centralized?

Hi everyone I write this topic because I have a question about the communication in the editorial workflow. I have noticed that when I configured the OJS 3 to send emails using the Gmail SMTP server all the emails are sent well. However I guess the communication in the editorial workflow is centralized. Why I said that? Because when a user tries to answer a email coming from the journal, his response is going to the central address used to send the emails instead of the user’s real address. For example, when the system sends the email of acknowledgment of receipt.


This is the header’s previous email


As you can see, the Return-Path and From have the smpt_username address. Then if the author tries to answer this message, the recipient’s address would be the smtp_username address. This happens for almost all the editorial workflow messages as Request of Revision, thanks to reviewer, decision editorial, etc.

For other part, there are some messages as Register of new user, Request to make galleys or sending a direct message in the users list that all these messages have a Reply-To field which has the user’s real address. See the below image:



For these cases if the user tries to answer the email, the message is sent to the user’s real address.

The first behaviour previously mentioned is causing a serious trouble with the editors and gestors of some journals in specific the journals in the same OJS, because they wanted that the communication would be descentralized for all the messages of editorial workflow. Is it possible? If it’s how could we get that?

Well I hope someone in the PKP staff could get me some information about this topic, thank you very much.