OJS 3.x import/export of users


I’am trying to import a lot of users to a new OJS 3.0.1 and today to 3.0.2 but got the same problem, after importing a test user, a blank page appears. As some changes have been made on the last release, just create a new instance of OJS with 3.0.2 and got the same behaviour.

The basic test I have made was to export a user, change the name, email and username, and try to import it again but always got the same blank page.

I then explore the source code of the page but got nothing, the results page corresponds to a link finishing by:
http:// … ojs/management/importexport/plugin/UserImportExportPlugin/import?temporaryFileId=3

I then open the Results page in another tab and get the following message:

"unable to find “name” userGroup node element. Check import XML document structure for validity. "

As this is a standard OJS without content or modifications, what is the issue there? any clues?

The XML file with one user is this one:


José Carvalho

I hope that this has been solved by removing all the tags form pt_PT locale

Hi @josekarvalho,

Did anything appear in your error log?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @josekarvalho

Yes that untranslated string could be the problem. The user > user_group_ref element has to contain a string that matches the user_group > name.
The user groups seems not to be translated in pt_PT…


Hi @asmecher and @bozana,

I manage to import successfully the users by deleting duplicate tags regarding the group name and abbrev when they exist in two languages (pt_PT and en_EN in this case), even if not translated as they are not used but I will translate later.

On this process I found two issues:

  • On the Export - > didn’t export ORCID information from existing users
  • On the Import → didn’t import the user interests


José Carvalho

Hi @josekarvalho

Here are the GitHub issues for those problems:

Please track them for a fix/solution to come…


Hi José, I’m having the same issue. Can you walk me through the steps? I have removed everything but en_US in my XML file but I’m still getting the same error. Thanks

holá @lmsilvam,

You can check if the user group information is correct:

<user_group> <role_id>16</role_id> <context_id>1</context_id>

So, do you have a role id with 16 that corresponds to this user?
Also, is the context_id (journal) with this ID ?

This is an example I have:

<user_group> <role_id>16</role_id> <context_id>1</context_id> <is_default>true</is_default> <show_title>false</show_title> <permit_self_registration>false</permit_self_registration> <name locale="en_US">Editor</name> <abbrev locale="en_US">EDI</abbrev> <stage_assignments>1:3:4:5</stage_assignments> </user_group>

If you export the users from your journal, this will be exported correctly, then you just need to add the user information after the tag

On this part of the user, try to match the user group (<user_group_ref>Author</user_group_ref>) with the same designation of the Group, example: <name locale="en_US">Author</name>

If you can’t manage, send an example to take a look.


José Carvalho