OJS 3.X I can't harvest bitsreams (files)

OJS doesn’t support OAI-ORE and I can’t harvest files with full text to DSpace 7

I have several institutional journals based on OJS 3.x
I’m not able to harvest files with full text of publications.

I have only these options in DSpace to harvest content:

Harvest metadata
Harvest metadata and references to bitstreams (requires ORE support)
Harvest metadata and bitstreams (requires ORE support)

Could you please give an advice how to solve that?
Do you have any plans in near future to implement OAI-ORE support in OJS?

Hi @georgesimeo,

Can you note which version of OJS you’re using (e.g. 3.3.0-11)?
Also: have you tried the SWORD plugin for harvesting content from Dspace? I have seen that others have had success that way.

PKP Team

I can’t harvest full metadata with bitstreams. Also there is problem the Browse by Issue date is NOT working in DSpace for harvested publications. Probably there is mismatch with dates in metadata fields. That’s very frustrating, because this is very basic metadata to be properly processed.

I have one journal based on OJS and other two journals with OJS
I’m working on building Institutional repository (Latest release DSpace-CRIS 7 2022.02.00) with open access and options for archiving not just indexing.

SWORD is not an option to use. It’s looks that there are problems in both OJS and Dspace. You can take a look at https://dipp.math.bas.bg/dipp/oai/?verb=Identify

The dates in Dublin Core metadata are not set properly. The date is set in date, but DSpace is looking for date.issue Also there are more mismatched records about types of the identifiers DOI, ISSN and etc. The situation is very bad not fully supporting (ORE) and even breaking open standards and mismatch in schemas.