[OJS 3] variable keys for subject in the emails

I would like to have in the automatic email for example (submission acknowledgement), the subject always written as:

[Initial-name-of-journal] Submission acknowledgement - [paper-number]

a) What I should write to replace [Initial-name-of-journal] and [paper-number]
b) is there a list of variables that I can use in the subject or in the body


I just realized the [Initial-name-of-journal] already written in the subject email by default automatically. Only need to add the paper number.

Hello Waluyo,
I have also started to add to all subject lines the journal name-year-ms#. Unfortunately I cannot retrieve a field for “year” and so far I will need to replace 2018 with 2019 next year, manually, which is a nuisance.

I have also felt the need to have a list of variables, but this seems a bit more complicated to create in the system.

I am glad that other users would like to know more about variables… !


I have found a solution from the discussion here.
Add submission ID to email subject for all submission-related emails · Issue #3227 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
to add


in the subject of the email. I have tested it and it seems it works.