[OJS 3] Upload journal article template

I am a new user in OJS 3.
I would like to have a journal template available for authors to download. What I want is to have the file of the article template in the system. I tried to go around but I cannot find how to upload a template and present the link in the author guidelines.

I found a tool to upload files in workflow settings (publisher library). The link however cannot be used without log in.

Is there any way to put the template file in the system for a journal manager who do not have access to the server.


I’m having the same issue. I’m running OJS and am looking to upload a Template.docx file that all authors should be able to download and use. Haven’t been able to find a way to accomplish this yet. Previous suggestions to use a symbolic link to the public folder do not seem to work on this version of OJS. Is there any way this can be accomplished?

SOLVED. For some reason the Template.docx file appears to be accessible publicly only if I place it in a subdirectory within the public directory (e.g., public/docs), but not in the public directory itself. Although confounding, this issue is resolved for all practical purposes