OJS 3 upgrade problem with 'mysqli'

Hi, everyone.
I’m updating OJS from to and I’ve found a problem with my database connection. The config.inc.php is like this:

driver = mysqli
host =
username = ojs
password = ****
name = ojs

I debugged the driver adodb-mysqli.inc.php and noticed that, as expected, the ip is getting there, but the connection error says that it tried to connect with my IP address instead of connect with my DB server.

DB Error: Access denied for user 'ojs'@''

Did you mean to reverse the numbers of in the error message? I’m not clear if you are indicating that the mysql server is seeing access coming from the client IP your expect, or from an unexpected IP.

The problem is that I want do a connection in another server, not the web one. But the error shows that the connection failed was attempting to connect on the web server, instead the database server.

With MySQL, permissions are based on a user at a host (user@host). The error Access denied for user 'ojs'@'' would indicate that the MySQL server (wherever it lives, but probably on another machine) received a connection from IP with a username ojs, but that user is not allowed to connect from that IP to the MySQL engine.

If you were connecting to a local MySQL instance, you would expect the error to look like Access denied for user 'ojs'@'localhost'.

How have you configured permissions on your MySQL server?