OJS 3 translation


Hi @fpianz,
I managed the Italian translation for OJS 1 and 2.x.

I was wondering about to start translating OJS 3 (that would be update and complete the available translation).
If you are interested in contribute, we can coordinate our effort (and involve some more Italian people!) :slight_smile:

Please let us (me and @mtub) know how do you want to participate.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @fpianz, hi @marchitelli,

this sounds great - maybe we should switch over to PM or open a new thread, as this thread becomes really cluttered with many different topics.

Just to let you know (and maybe of interest to other readers of this thread): We have ported the old OJS 2 locale files to OJS 3, so you don’t have to start from scratch (though nobody would mind a thorough review of whatever is already there).

OJS 3 Italian translation

hi all

how to solve it

i use translate from https://github.com/pkp/ojs/tree/ojs-3_0_1-0/locale/id_ID but still like it ?

thx u


Hi @Vhiie,

Can you post this as a new topic?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @vormia

I would like to inform you and the community that we have translated OJS3 UI to Arabic, including the help at: http://ojs.maktabat-guides.com

We looked at your [Arabic translation of OJS3 User manual](file:///C:/Users/HP-PC/Downloads/ojs-user-guide-ar.pdf). Good work @vormia, Many thanks for your efforts.

Extending our experience with OSS software localization (Arabic Koha, Arabic DSpac, Arabic VuFind, Arabic SubjectsPlus, Arabic Drupal Themes), we have developed a glossary for OJS3, we think it is critical to base the translation on common terms in use at the Arabic library and publishing environments, through building a glossary first tailored to the product.

For this reason, we would like to review and edit your user guide translation based on the Arabic OJS3 Glossary we’ve built and used for the UI. If that is ok with you, kindly please forward us an editable copy of your translation to my email (massoud@kwareict.com).

Also, I would like to invite you to register in the Arabic OJS3 demo at http://ojs.maktabat-guides.com. We are working on a couple of tweaks required to make the Arabic OJS3 UI perfectly set to meet the Arabic users’ expectations.

Massoud AlShareef
KnowledgeWare Technologies Est.


Greetings everyone,

I was wondering if there is a Farsi/Persian version of OJS 3? I have recently joined an academic publisher with 48 open-access journals on OJS.

They are currently using OJS 2. It has been fully translated into Persian. There are some suggestions to upgrade the whole system to OJS 3. Does OJS 3 support Farsi?

Thank you for your help @asmecher.


Hi, I would like to join your translation team too! How should I help?


Hi @Gian_Luca_Pallai,

What languages are you interested in working with? Which of our applications are you using?

Hi @a_aghdassi,

OJS 3.x hasn’t yet been released in Farsi/Persian, but it might be worth contacting some of our volunteer translators (listed here) to see whether they’d be interested in collaborating or have done some OJS 3.x work themselves.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi, I can translate only in Italian.

I use OJS 2; I would like to migrate to 3.1 but I see it still has several operative problems.

So I can help translating it in Italian and to provide some debug help.

I cannot write down the code, but I can suggest some improvements and find bugs!

Best regards

Gian Luca Pallai


Hi @Gian_Luca_Pallai,

The Italian translation in OJS 3.x is in need of some updates – I’d suggest contacting some of the contributors listed on the wiki to ensure you wouldn’t be duplicating effort. Translation contributions are always welcome!

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi @asmecher,

we’ve noticed the japanese locale is missing in the newest 3.1 version of OJS. I’ve found it in the earliest version 3.0 and copied it to the newest version. It seems to work, but is there a reason not to do this (aside from it being very rudimental)? The absence of the locale is one of the last reasons for us not to do the upgrade.

Kind regards


Hi @UBWolf,

If I recall correctly, @mtub cleared out some of the translations that had not been maintained for years. We’re very much interested in updating Japanese and other translations but at some point it’s better not to include them if they haven’t been maintained.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Hi Daniela,

but if you need the Japanese translation, then maybe you know people who might be interested in working on a fresh Japanese translation? Will be happy to assist and provide information on how to proceed.

Best regards,



Hi Marco,

we had hoped the editor of our japanese journal would give us some help, but unfortunately so far she doesn’t anwer our requests. But it’s only for the journal, so as long as she doesn’t have a problem with the locale, we don’t either :wink:

But if we do a translation (or at least translate some of the frontend vocabulary) we will let you know.

Kind regards