OJS 3 repeated submissions of DOI metadata

My site recently updated from OJS

A reader reported that DOIs were broken; on checking I found the latest issue’s DOIs were pointing to the backup server we used to preserve the old version in case the backup. I took a look at crossref.org and it seems the DOIs were repeatedly sent to their server.

We updated because of other bugs in this release but does anyone know why the DOI deposit plugin would repeatedly resend the metadata?

Hi @SACJ_Editor,

What version of the plugin are you using? Did you change your Crossref settings so they did not point to your backup server and it still referred to URLs at that server (such as what is outlined here: Getting Started with DOIs)? Are you using Automatic or Manual deposit?

PKP staff

I will look into the version (it seems you need to be site administrator to do that)?

We are using automatic deposit though I generally make sure it is actually happening. I suspect the backup server was live for a while and managed to submit new versions with its URL. I downloaded the XML file with DOIs and submitted that – Crossref eventually did process it.

What is odd is repeated submissions.

We do have the basics set up and have been assigned DOIs for several years.

Hi @SACJ_Editor,

You can check the version of the Plugin in the plugin gallery - if you click on the name of the plugin it should show the version.

The repeated submissions do sound odd. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on here. I’m going to inquire with other team members and see if they can assist.


According to my tech support:

Seems to be (2016-06-28) - which is the version included with OJS 3.2.1-4.

crossref plugins.importexport 2016-06-28