[OJS 3] - Question with email templates in diferent languages

I have installed OJS 3.0.2 in the Catalan language and I saw some mistakes with email templates. If you show the website in English, templates are blank or content shown in the language in which you installed the OJS (in this case Catalan). The same thing happens in every language I have selected in the installation (English, Spanish and Catalan).

I understand that the templates may not be translated into other languages, but why they are not show in English? Does anyone have the same problem?


Hi @pir,

If you check in the “Prepared Emails” section of your workflow settings, do you see the templates in several languages?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have solved the problem few days ago just changing something in the language configuration (i don’t remember exactly what), but now it works.

Thank you.


Hi @pir

I had the same problem in OJS
I solved it by resetting the languages to their “default values” (this is in Settings>website>languages>Reload defaults).


I arrive late to this post.

Writing for others that could arrive even later… Spanish and Catalan translations were not regularly translated till we setup weblate (around 3.1). Working over gitHub was taking us too much time to keep things updated with each version, but with weblate things are easier and I’m quite proud of how well are going the things now.

So… if you are over 3.1, you can solve the problem as @David_Alarcon_davidy explained: Reset your language and also your email-templates, clean cache (server and client) and enjoy.


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