OJS 3 installation on localhost

I successfully installed OJS 3 on localhost. Nevertheless, when I tried it on another server it didn’t work.
I would appreciate if you assist me in developing a site where I can create multiple journals based on OJS 3 accessible on any server worldwide.

Thanking you.

Hi @Samiullah_Sarwar,

This is more of a general web hosting question than an OJS-specific question, so you might have better luck on a resource like stackoverflow.com, but in general: you’ll need to install OJS on a server, rather than on your own computer. Something like a Godaddy account should be sufficient to run OJS.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I have installed OJS on a server http://journals.rtsolz.com/index.php/index/install
Nevertheless, I am facing the following issue:


What database management system is your website running? Also, it seems unlikely that your db is not protected by a password, you might want to double-check this with your provider.

Further, I have double checked that my database is protected by a password.

From the screenshot you linked, it seems that you attempted to connect to your db without a password. If you try again using the right username and password, does the error message still display?

Thanks for your guidance. However, upon changing the username and pasword, it shows the following error:

You need to create a directory (typically named files) to store your journal files and indicate its path in the installation process. Here is an extract from the OJS Installation Readme :

  1. Create a directory to store uploaded files (submission files, etc.) and make this directory writeable. It is recommended that this directory be placed in a non-web-accessible location (or otherwise protected from direct access, such as via .htaccess rules).

You might find it useful to read it in full : https://github.com/pkp/ojs/blob/master/docs/README.md :wink: