OJS 3 - Edit Configuration for entire site, not specific journal?

Hello. I have what may be a weird question.

In OJS 3, how do I get to the configuration area for the entire site (not a specific journal)? I’m asking because someone somehow got to the password reset page for the entire site, and that password reset page has the wrong name in the From address and signature area of the e-mail, and I can’t figure out where to go to change that.

More detailed information:

I have no idea how this person got to the generic password reset page, as if you click “Home” on that page, it takes you to the specific journal homepage.

I can find the place to edit the e-mail template for password resets for the journal, but that’s already correct. How do I edit the generic, non-journal-specific e-mail template for password resets?

This is pretty easy to do on the other OJS 2 site I’m responsible for, but I’m baffled by the OJS 3 interface.



Edit: I think maybe what I’m looking for is Site Settings? Site Administration

Is there really no way to view/edit Site Settings in a single-journal OJS instance?

A quick workaround is to create another journal to the installation. Just keep it hidden and of course you can delete the other journal when you are done with the settings.

But the issue itself: what was the from address now? Just thinking that is that working correctly in single journal installations.

I can see that you can access the site wide reset page at least by writing the correct url. Not sure though where the user got it from. Maybe from a generated email?

Creating a second, hidden journal did the trick. I am now able to see/edit the generic, site-wide settings. Thanks!