OJS 3: DOI Crossref error

Is there any documentation to set DOI crossref for OJS 3? I have tried it but DOI error when I clicked article DOI url.
Here what I have done:

  1. In CrossRefExportPlugin setting, I filled the box for depositer name and email then checked box (OJS will deposit assigned DOIs automatically to CrossRef …)
  2. In DOI plugin setting, I chose article, fill DOI prefix and checked use default patterns for DOI suffix.
  3. In metadata → identifiers, I chose Save to assign the DOI.

thanks for any hints

In CrossRef XML Export Plugin article box, the status is still submitted

Hi @kawahyu

Unfortunately, we still have no DOI documentation for OJS 3.0, but we are working on it.
What error happens when you click on article DOI URL in Crossref export/registration plugin?
Else, everything seems to be correct in your example. It take some time till DOIs submissions are processed completely by CrossRef, thus maybe that’s why you still see the status “Submitted”. You can also manually check the status by using the button “Check status” – this will update the status if it changed.


Well, you might be right about the processing time. I should wait for the changes